How to visit Pompeii from your cruise

If you have booked a Mediterranean Cruise and you are going to spend your three-weeks holiday on a ship, you have to read this post. Most of the people that choose a cruise for spending their vacation, they miss to plan the on land excursion because they are quite sure that on board there will be a tour agency available or that the staff will give you some suggestions about where to go, and what to see. Most of the tourist do not know the distances between the ports they land and the cities of interest close to the port. Sometimes, as in the case of Naples, the port is in the city itself. But if you are landing in Livorno and are planning to go to Florence, you should know that you have to cover some kilometres.

The better way is you serach online a good agency. But if you do not want to make mistakes, if you are looking for the highest standards of professionalism, and also for the most competitive rates for this service, you do not have to search any more: Papillon Service is the answer. First of all, because when you deal with their office, you will have the comfort of dealing with a native English speaker, a person that apart speaking your language, also understand your cultural point of view. This service features private groups, vehicles of eight passengers or less, and they can count on highly trained drivers who really care about the people they are carrying. In fact, both vehicle and driver are always at the disposal of the customers, even while they are out exploring by foot. Any time anyone needs assistance, the driver will be there. And that is a great thing for any setbacks you can find on our way.

If the port of arrivals is Naples, you can book your private shore excursion to Pompeii, starting by experiencing life as it was in 79 AD, when the volcano Vesuvius erupted and froze in fire an lava its inhabitants and all the structures. This is not just an highlight: you can stay there a couple of hours and the driver can help you to get a local guide, if you did not book it previously. If you have time, in the same tour, you can go to Sorrento, a little resort town with pretty streets and charming people. Apart from the most famous Italian liquor, the limoncello, made with lemons from Sorrento, this city is well known its fine porcelain, woodworking, mosaics and furniture, so you can spend a time shopping. But the pearl of this coast is, without any doubt, Positano. The city seems taken from a picture postcard showing the colourful buildings growing from the craggy coast and the blue in the horizon. Here you can find the pure elegance. Do not miss the chance to book your private shore excursion to Pompeii and visit all the beauty of this fantastic coast. Book it online, now.