Giampaolo Lo Conte
Giampaolo Lo Conte

WEF 2016, emerging businesses according to Giampaolo Lo Conte

The website of the World Economic Forum contains a number of news and insights of great relevance relating to the business world and the financial sector in general. It is a showcase for the World Economic Forum, a foundation created in 1971 on the initiative of the economist Klaus Schwab. The headquarters of the foundation are located in Geneva, Switzerland; Every year, several meetings are organized around the world, where researchers and other important personalities of the financial sector round up to discuss and address current issues of global relevance.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) gathers all those committed to the improvement of world conditions, and who appreciate the role of observer in the environment of associated corporations (there are thousands of them!). Many Italians took part in the 2016 meeting held in the Swiss town of Davos-Klosters, including Giampaolo Lo Conte, well-known international trader, guest of the WEF as well as of many other previous events in the financial sector.

We reached him on the phone to collect his thoughts about this edition of the WEF: "Economic meetings this year are often centered on emerging businesses and the role that countries as China and the United Arab Emirates are playing on the global scene - says Giampaolo Lo Conte, who explains: "the focus lies on nano-technology, bio-genetics and renewable energy sources applicable to next generation batteries for industrial use. It might sound obvious, but that’s how it is!". Regarding Giampaolo Lo Conte's thoughts on emerging business fields: "My view is the same as one, ten, twenty years ago: it is research that fosters economies. Whether it is about chemistry, robotics, computer science... an emerging economy is not defined by its name. The key word is “research”, which must especially be sustainable, innovative and competitive, both for companies and for financial institutions”. It is no coincidence that research is nowadays at the center of all most important Western economic reforms, demonstrating what a crucial growth engine it represents for global economy. In this sense, we share Giampaolo Lo Conte’s views, hoping we will soon have the pleasure of interviewing him again in the future.