machines for sorting
machines for sorting

Elisam, leading company in production of machines for sorting, weighing of fresh fruits and vegetables

Elisam is the leading Italian company in the production of machines for sorting, weighing of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw materials very delicate and that need to be processed in the shortest period possible. These peculiar characteristics of the product which must be worked requires the resulting characteristics to machinery that will go to carry out the processing so that the technological level that is necessary to reach requires advanced knowledge able to provide all the guarantees of the case and adapt from time to time to the processing of different products.

lisam represents one of the highest levels of the sector as it makes available to machines able to adapt to different types of products and able to process and package several kilograms of product over a few minutes. A real guarantee to reach the consumer’s table fresh products yet selected, ideal for any occasion. Elisam produces machines able to handle products very different from each other in a precise and accurate spacing between various sizes and characteristics such as potatoes, celery, melons, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables. The grading machines designed and produced by Elisam represent the flagship of the industry so as to become true guarantee of quality and professionalism and precision not only in Italy but also internationally given the increasingly widespread dissemination of this type of packaging of the fruit and vegetables.

lso rely with Elisam for grading and sorting fruit and vegetables machines means relying with real professionals of industrial, who know every detail of the machinery and able to intervene at very short notice for maintenance and installation. The attention to detail, the selection of materials that serve the achievement and respect of high technological standards to ensure the best performance and complete the offer of Elisam making it the only company able to meet all the requirements for those involved in selection and packaging of fruits and vegetables.
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