ballpoint pen
ballpoint pen

The history of ballpoint pen

The ballpoint pen is one of the objects so widespread that people use every day and very often we forget the ingenuity and inventiveness that led to its creation by putting aside fountain pens and outperforming all other items that were used to write previously. The concept, as it tells the story of a pen writing on paper through which applied all the principles of gravity and would use the ball spread since the nineteenth century when it was realized for the first time a prototype of a ballpoint pen which provided for application of a small sphere in a tube filled with ink of viscose formula.

The ball, which was supposed to have very precise dimensions, it was literally slide the ink on the paper allowing it to write without getting your hands dirty and without dragging the ink on the page. The first recorded patent for the ball-point pen, however, dates back to October 30, 1888 when John J. Loud, a trade tanner, patented a tool that used to mark the leather, albeit embryonic, is the true ancestor of the ballpoint pen used today. An object which, however, turned out to be very effective for the size and for the difficulty of applying it to the paper.

The real evolution of the ballpoint pen as we know it today came with the modern chemistry that allowed factories to produce high precision components in series, in fact the various elements that go to make up the pen in plastic or metal as we know it. Without a doubt one of the greatest artifacts of history that led to its application to points of great technology that we can find today in every subject most commonly used in schools and within the offices.