Greece by sailing
Greece by sailing

Last Minute with Greece by sailing

Plenis Velis, the charter of your dreams, will show you around the Aegean
The sailboat Bavaria 46 Cruise and skipper Jacopo are your guides in a different holiday

There is nothing better than a planned holiday towards unknown and almost uncontaminated destinations! Especially if the holiday is made with Greece by sailing, with its exclusive one-week journey among the islands of the Dodecanese and a quick visit to the Cyclades, searching for the wellbeing and the relax, away from the noise of the city.


On board the charter Plenis Velis it is possible to visit some of the two hundred and more islands of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, crossing the mythological Aegean sea. Thanks to our expert skipper Jacopo, it will be a pleasure for you to admire every corner of the Greek islands, enjoying at the same time some well-deserved peace of mind for your body and mind. The stay on board lasts around one week, but it is possible to book a longer period as well; the sea breeze and the milt temperatures, given by the wind Meltemi, surely make this holiday really interesting. Departures are scheduled from Saturday to Saturday from the port of Kos or Paros, according to the period. Both ports can be reached in different ways, including the airplane, since some low-cost companies also fly directly to Kos.

In this friendly and informal atmosphere, also groups of friends can enjoy a pleasant stay, since the charter is able to host up to eight passengers, with three double bedrooms and a single bedroom with bunk beds. Moreover, in the inner part of the sailing boat there are two bathrooms equipped with all comforts and hot water; there is also a living area with a table and a kitchen provided with oven.

It is therefore the ideal choice for a holiday with a group of friends or, why not, for a couple who wish to live an adventure visiting Greece by sailing, living at the same time the Greek nightlife, famous all over the world for its long, colourful nights. With a light and mild climate, with warm but not muggy temperatures, enjoying the Aegean islands and their beauties is a pleasure: their coasts, their white and crystal clear sandy beaches.

While ashore, you can taste all the typical dishes of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades in the Greek restaurants and tavernas, including the famous seafood dishes based on soles, shrimps, squids and mullets, or meat-based dishes. For example, Kos is famous for its beef stew, but also for its street food, whose typical dishes are the “psistarias”, a mix of several fish types to eat while walking – similar to the Neapolitan dish called “cuoppo”.

A further interesting package is dedicated to wellbeing and relax, with yoga courses held at sunset by masters on the warm Greek beaches: unforgettable feelings given by the islands of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, memories of your holiday in Greece by sailing.