How to visit Naples from your cruise

Mediterranean cruises have become popular all over the world because of the great Mediterranean lifestyle, the culture and the beautiful amazing climate. The Mediterranean coast offers both exotic and interesting destinations, and if you organize well your trip, each port can be special and memorable. If it is the first time you go on a cruise, we can understand that any suggestions are pretty welcomed. Not always a newbie knows exactly what to see during the stops on land and sometimes, the lack of organization can turn into a nightmare.

Expecially if you are on a cruise with little children, on your honeymoon or if you are not so young for the adventure. Sometimes, despite of all the information and all the maps you can bring with you, if you just have a little time, it could be difficult to plan a good tour to see comfortably a city. Our advice is to start planning your upcoming trip with an alternative tool: book your private shore excursion, choosing among different kinds of trips and tours, and get to the best destinations, points of interests and tourists attractions of the place you are landing on.

For instance, if your ship stops in Naples, you can book a private shore excursion to Sorrento, one of the most beautiful coasts of the south of Italy. There, you can see the Cathedral, with its amazing exterior fresco, the triple-tiered bell tower, the four classical columns and the beautiful majolica clock; or you can go to the Museo Correale, with a good assortment of 17th- to 19th-century Neapolitan artworks apart of Japanese, Chinese, Greek and Roman crafts; or, again, to can take a walk in the park, the Vallone dei Mulini, the Church of Sant'Antonio or the Museo Tarsia Lignea; or simply, you can walk through the narrow streets of the historical centre, tasting the flavours of the local products, the wines or the liquors. Book online your private shore excursion to Sorrento.

You can fully customize your tour. The English-speaking guide will pick you up at the port of Naples or Salerno and will take you back to the ship when the tour ends. Moreover, you can choose among different tours, depending of the time you can spend visiting the place and your needs: but surely, you will find a great tour that can satisfy your requirements as all the trips are structured thinking in a variety of situations based on the available time and of the different needs, and trying to offer to tourists a complete and satisfactory view of the city and a good stay.

Plan in advance your trip, from the ship to the city, Papillon Service will take care of you and you will get the opportunity to live a gorgeous experience in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy.