War games
War games

War games: here the free ones

When we talk about flash games usually we refer to categories such as friv games or the classic ones a little 'old-fashioned that are played and offered online for free. But what many don’t know is that the flash games are not just for kids or for those who are lovers of the classics but there are also various games a bit 'more elaborate worth trying such as some war games.

When think about this games usually come to mind great titles like those for consoles ps3, xbox360 who have fancy graphical and are very realistic, but there are some war games that, despite certainly cannot match the graphics of games like call of duty, are still interesting to play especially since they are free and playable online.

The first of the two games that we can try, and which also has a good graphic, is Warfare 1917 which is set in the First World War where we have the opportunity to choose whether to be the German or British troops and decide whether to advance only a few troops or the entire army of soldiers. Although it is a flash game that obviously can not be compared to the graphics of the great console it still offers that apparare not like a free game.

The second game Warfare 1944, and is easy to understand the developer is the same as the previous one and can be considered a sequel in fact takes place in World War II and this time the choice is between the Germans and the Americans. The graphics of this game is even more advanced and the development of the adventure even more interesting. In conclusion, for those who love war games and does not want to acquire a console this is the appropriate solution and absolutely free.