amalfi coast rentals
amalfi coast rentals

Local products, wines and gastronomy of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is located in the province of Salerno, in Southern Italy; it's composed by thirteen municipalities disposed on a territory that vary from the mountains to the sea, passing through beautiful hills. These very hills are the key to understand the roots of the local products, starting from wine and going on with all the tasty recipes of this beautiful land. They're cooked using only typical goods, in fact every town has its particular plate and is very jealous of it, as it comes from an ancient tradition, usually a Medieval one. There are some of these that you must try if you go to Amalfi Coast: the Scialatelli, a home made pasta with tomatoes and clams, the sospiri, a soft Spanish cake filled with lemon cream and covered with icing, and the fragrant Santa Rosa sfogliatella cake, a delicate pastry with a shell-like shape filled with cream and black cherries. This last one was invented by nuns during the seventeenth century in the Monastery of Saint Rose in Conca dei Marini because of the need to avoid wasting food; for this reason it recalls the shape of a nun's hood.

It lies in a Mediterranean climate, which consists of warm summers and mild winters, the perfect weather conditions for the cultivations of citrus, in particular lemons, which are used to product a limoncello liqueur, known as sfusato amalfitano in Italian. Limoncello is the traditional liqueur distilled from the peel of lemons, it's natural, there are no coloring nor conserving agents and it can be served at room temperature or cold, usually, according to an old Neapolitan tradition, after lunch or dinner as a digestive. You can buy a bottle, which you should put in the freezer, and add it to tonic water, champagne or prosecco to obtain a good drink; you can even add it to your ice-cream or fruit salad.

Still speaking of drinks, the most important are the DOC labeled selected wines, under the name of Amalfi Coast; for the cultivation of vines are used the terraces which cover the steep slopes rising from the coast, with their typical drystone walls. These patches aren't usually wider than five metres and can contain an average of four vines rows because of the disposition of the rocks that surround them. The establishment of these vineyards is divided into three zones, which are also the more suitable for this cultivation: Tramonti, Ravello and Furore. There you'll be able to find well known grapes like Fenile, Tronto of Furore, Ripolo, Pepella, Sciascinoso and Tintore of Tramonti, and others that are not so diffused in that place but still important to create tasteful wines like Aglianico, Biancolella and Falanghina.

In conclusion, I can say that the best way to enjoy a holiday focused on wines and gastronomy is to rent a villa in Amalfi Coast, from which you'll be able to reach all the small shops located in every city which sell typical products and have fun trying to make some recipes on your own and accompanying them with good wine; in fact every house that is for rent has a kitchen that you can use. On the contrary, if you can't cook or you just want to relax without seeing the cookers or the oven during your holiday, you'll still have advantages booking a villa instead of an hotel: you'll be able to choose where you want to eat, so that you'll be able to go to a different place every day.